As a Customer your protection and satisfaction is extremely important to us. We understand that even a small lapse may have potentially dangerous outcome. We partner with each customer to understand their specific security needs, and then design a system directly around those needs, and establish a long-term relationship. Whether you need an Access Control or Surveillance System, you can trust that we will install a system with your safety in mind.

    A modern era Video Management System which allows you to watch and record the activities taking place at various location of organization and thus facilitate you to take timely actions as and when necessary. We install a wide range of integrated or stand alone CCTV surveillance systems for any type or size business. In addition, we offer our expertise and professional advice for all security requirements.

    With PC penetration and broadband connectivity, one can discretely view & record the activities of remote locations (say of \"factory at Howrah\") from office (say at \"Kolkata\"). By installing digital CCTV, you are able to securely access and view any one of your cameras, remotely on line, from any computer from anywhere in the world. To achieve this you would need to install a stand-alone broadband connection, which could then be accessed with user name and password. To deter the Intruder / Burglar to intrude inside the premises and should he dare, it will give him a shock of life-time. To check the proxy attendance and restrict the entry of unauthorized person to enter inside the factory / office / building premises. The units can be customized for specialized needs and are designed to incorporate the unique esthetical requirement of each facility Conventional as well as Addressable, as suitable to respective organization, so as to alert you in case of fire & thus facilitate loss-prevention.

    When Plant & Machinery makes the noise, you cannot hear the Voice. For better and effective communication inside the plant, surpassing the plant & machinery noises, Industrial Communication Systems are best suited. Our devices and solutions are designed for use in hazardous areas in the industry and are well adapted to the extreme operating conditions they will be exposed to.

    We provide design, installation & commissioning services for Channel Music cum P.A. Systems, especially suited for offices, showrooms, nursing- homes and shopping malls.

    • Security Risk Assessment
    • Requirement Analysis
    • Design & development of solutions
    • Supply, installation & commissioning
    • Warranty Support for all products
    • Annual Maintenance Contracts
    • Service support available in all major cities
    • Centralized location
    • Adequate Technical Manpower
    • Adequate spare support
    • R&D team with vast experience CLIENTS