Hotel Accessontrol System

VICOM electronic locking system guarantee your guests' security and convenience. These amenities are designed for hotel, education, business and residential applications with comfort, convenience and security in mind.It is designed to satisfy the increasing demand of the hotel in modernization of the information system.

Manage the hotel by stand-alone door lock. Set the information (room number, time, ect) for each door lock by our software as first step; when the guest come, issue the guest card by the encoder, then the guest can use the keycard to unlock the corresponding door lock in a limited time as assigned. The guest card is used for the energy saving switch as well. We provide Dataegister to check the unlocking records if necessary. The lock system is completely independent and stand-alone and is controlled by program resident in the lock and activated by cards which are coded by issuing computer. All of these make installation and maintenance simple and easy.